Melanie Bell is an author of The Modern Enneagram, facilitator, coach, and educator from P.E.I., Canada who currently makes her home in San Francisco. She loves speculative fiction, experimental poetry, and personal narratives. She’s worked in the fields of publishing, editing, curriculum design, language learning, interdisciplinary research, and postsecondary education.

Her book The Modern Enneagram (co-written with Kacie Berghoef) was published by Althea Press in February 2017.

Melanie is the co-founder of an Enneagram teaching and consulting business, Berghoef & Bell Innovations, and speaks internationally about self-knowledge and communication.

Melanie has been making up stories since before she learned to write. Her first “books” were written on roll paper and bound with balloons. In 2003 she self-published her first poetry collection, Tears for the World, as a fundraiser for Farmers Helping Farmers’ agricultural development projects in East Africa. In 2005 she self-published a second collection, Fire in the Sky, and donated a portion of the proceeds to the West Prince Literacy Committee. In 2008 she was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 for her literary fundraising projects. (“Under 20” was definitely a while ago…)

Melanie studied leadership at the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College program, where she revived and edited her faculty’s newspaper, The Troubadour. She holds an MA in creative writing from Concordia University. Melanie is certified and authorized with the Enneagram Institute, certified with Enneagram Learning International’s coaching program, and has studied creativity coaching with Eric Maisel. She has trained in ESL teaching and Reiki. As Managing Editor of Matrix Magazine and Snare Books, she co-edited Matrix’s innovative New Feminisms dossier, the first issue to have an online supplement.

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